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Property Defense Plans

The Property Defense Plan packages offered by Golden State Home Hardening provides homeowners, HOAs, realtors, insurance companies and commercial property managers with a comprehensive strategy to fortify their properties against wildfires, including providing FHDS reports for homes being sold in high fire zone areas.  Please contact us for HOA, bulk pricing and pricing for larger properties or commercial estates. 

Exterior / FHDS Report

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Exterior Property

Defense Plan & CA FHDS Form

All new homes sold in high fire zones in CA are required to provide an FHDS form when selling a home.  This option includes an exterior property defense plan and FHDS report. 


Interior & Exterior

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Comprehensive Property

Defense Plan

Price for homes up to 3000 sq ft, larger homes can be quoted by phone.   Includes both interior and exterior property defense plan and FHDS report.

Commercial Report 

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Commercial Property

Defense Plan

Price for commercial properties up to 4000 sq ft.  Larger properties can be quoted by phone. Our law enforcement background also allows us to create safety and evacuation plans for other emergency situations such as active shooter scenarios, please contact us for more info.

What You Receive

GSHH Property Defense Plans

The Property Defense Plan offered by Golden State Home Hardening is a comprehensive strategy designed to fortify homes against wildfires also providing FHDS reports for homes being sold in high fire zone areas. It includes assessments, personalized recommendations, and an actionable roadmap to enhance fire resistance and protect families.

Through meticulous assessments, our fire experts identify vulnerabilities and potential fire risks specific to each property. Based on these findings, personalized recommendations are provided, covering areas such as home construction, landscaping, and fire-resistant measures.

The Property Defense Plan also offers an actionable roadmap to guide homeowners in implementing the recommended measures. This step-by-step plan, including photos, allows property owners and managers to be able to budget for prioritizing modifications, find qualified contractors, and ensuring compliance with fire safety regulations.

Additionally, the plan emphasizes the importance of creating a comprehensive emergency response strategy. It provides guidance on developing family emergency plans, establishing evacuation routes, and implementing fire safety measures inside the home.

By implementing the Property Defense Plan, homeowners can enhance their property’s fire resistance, protect their families, and contribute to fire-safe communities. While insurance benefits are not guaranteed, showcasing the plan’s comprehensive approach may potentially lead to reduced premiums or improved coverage.

A Property Defense Plan by Golden State Home Hardening equips homeowners with a personalized strategy to fortify their homes against wildfires. With assessments, recommendations, evidentiary photos and an actionable roadmap, homeowners can enhance fire resistance and create a safer environment for their families.

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