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Golden State Home Hardening was established with a mission to address the urgent need for home fortification against wildfires in Northern California. Recognizing the increasing severity and frequency of wildfires in the region, our company was founded to provide homeowners with expert guidance and solutions to protect their properties. Our goal is to help advise residents in these high-risk areas on effective fire safety measures that they can implement to create resilient homes that can withstand the challenges posed by wildfires.

With a deep understanding of the unique fire risks faced by communities in Sonoma, Marin, Napa, Lake and Mendocino counties and throughout the state, Golden State Home Hardening is dedicated to providing tailored recommendations that address the specific needs of homeowners in these regions. By offering comprehensive assessments and steps for home hardening techniques, GSHH aims to empower residents with the knowledge and tools to enhance their properties’ resilience against wildfires,and ensure the well-being of residents in Northern California’s vulnerable areas.

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Who We Are

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Tony Camilleri

Founder & Lead Inspector of Golden State Home Hardening
Former City of Santa Rosa Fire Captain

Tony Camilleri has dedicated his life to serving others. With over two decades of experience, Tony has risen through the ranks of the California firefighting community. As a home town volunteer firefighter, he was recruited to join Cal Fire as a Helitack Firefighter Copter 104. Soon after, he was promoted to Fire Captain at the City of Ceres and again at the City of Santa Rosa before ultimately retiring from Santa Rosa in 2022.

Throughout his career, Tony has earned numerous certifications and accolades, including California State Fire Marshal Certified Firefighter 1 and 2, State Fire Officer, and State Fire Prevention Officer. 

After retiring from a long and successful career in firefighting, Tony now devotes his time to Golden State Home Hardening (GSHH), a business he founded with the mission of empowering residents with knowledge and tools to enhance their properties’ resilience against wildfires. Through GSHH, Tony is continuing his tireless commitment to protecting vulnerable areas throughout Northern California.

In his free time, Tony enjoys spending quality time outdoors with friends and family. He especially loves exploring nature with volunteering at the local Petaluma Animal Shelter, walking dogs.

Tony is a true example of a servant leader who puts others before himself. Although he may have retired from formal firefighting duties, you can rest assured that Tony will never stop serving those around him – both near and far!