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Better Protect Your Home From Wildfires

Our expert team conducts thorough home fire risk assessments, identifies vulnerabilities, and provides a comprehensive report with recommendations on ways to foritfy your property.  Improve safety and peace of mind, even in high-risk fire zones.

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More than 25 years of fire safety experience

Home Hardening Inspections & FHDS Reports

We are dedicated to helping homeowners, HOAs, real estate agents, and property managers strengthen homes and commercial properties against the unpredictable forces of nature. Our team of seasoned fire experts, including former firefighters, conducts thorough inspections to identify vulnerabilities specific to your property. Through our detailed written reports with photo evidence, we provide personalized recommendations tailored to enhance your home’s resilience, helping you make informed decisions on improvements to better protect your most valuable asset from wildfires, earthquakes, storms, and other potential hazards. With practical solutions and our expertise in fire behavior and disaster response, we empower you to take proactive measures, which will improve your peace of mind as you create a stronger, more resilient home.

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Fortify Your Property From Fires

Take these 3 steps towards strengthening your homes defenses against wildfires, and possibly saving money on your property insurance**!

Schedule an Appointment

Schedule your Home Hardening Inspection and Property Defense Plan by calling us or scheduling on this page, and take the first proactive step towards fortifying your home against natural disasters.  Plan to allow a 2 hour window for our inspection to be completed.


We Perform Your Inspection

On the day of your inspection, we’ll come to your home or property and conduct a 360 review of the property providing feedback in your custom Property Defense Plan – including pictures and recommendations to be better prepared for wildfires, based on current Calfire standards and recommendations


Address the Report Findings

After receiving your property defense plan, it is important for homeowners to carefully review the report and use it to make informed decisions about implementing the recommended updates and enhancements, including the hiring of contractors to assist with the process.


Are you selling a home?

All homes located within a high fire severity zone are required to provide an FHDS report when selling your home. Click here to find out if you are in a high fire severity zone.



Property Defense Plans

Exterior / FHDS Report

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Exterior Property

Defense Plan & CA FHDS Form

All new homes sold in high fire zones in CA are required to provide an FHDS form when selling a home.  This option includes an exterior property defense plan and FHDS report. 


Interior & Exterior

starting at


Comprehensive Property

Defense Plan

Price for homes up to 3000 sq ft, larger homes can be quoted by phone.   Includes both interior and exterior property defense plan and FHDS report.

Commercial Report 

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Commercial Property

Defense Plan

Price for commercial properties up to 4000 sq ft.  Larger properties can be quoted by phone. Our law enforcement background also allows us to create safety and evacuation plans for other emergency situations such as active shooter scenarios, please contact us for more info.

Golden State Home Hardening stays on the cutting edge of current CalFire safety requirements.  We work within the framework of the insurance commissioner Ricardo Lara, the California Department of Forestry, the Fire Protection Office of the State Fire Marshall, as well as the California State FHDS requirements.

Our Home Hardening Reports assess some of the following possible risks:

  • Fuels:  Grass, trees and brush around your home  (assessing your 1 hour, 10 hour, 100 hour fuels)
  • Weather:  natural and unknown/weather events (north wind events, etc)
  • Topography:   hills, chimneys, saddles, valleys, etc
  • Predictive Services:  based on our extensive fire experience, we are able to make predictions on where a fire might start such as roadways, traffic nearby, power line/electrical equipment proximity, etc.
  • Assessing fire scores: Work with insurance companies to assess fire scores.   Based on our extensive training and our “boots on the ground” background in fire safety, we can work with insurance companies, property managers, real estate agents and HOAs to create thorough fire scores for property risk.
“My department will work diligently to increase discounts to reward the hard work that California consumers do to protect their families, homes, businesses, and communities…  The discounts offered to property owners who harden their homes and take action to mitigate wildfire threats are a financial reward that I believe will be embraced by many. This is a big step forward towards promoting community-driven preparedness and resilience.”

~Ricardo Lara, California Insurance Commissioner

Commissioner Lara’s regulation is the first in the nation requiring insurance companies to provide discounts to consumers under the Safer from Wildfires framework created by the California Department of Insurance in partnership with state emergency preparedness agencies. 

Read the full press release here >